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Guarneri Hall Summer Academy Gets a New Name

The Guarneri Hall NFP mission to incubate great musical projects that become self-sustaining is bearing early fruit with the Guarneri Hall Summer Music Academy. 

In early 2020, Chicago violinist and pedagogue Addison Teng approached Guarneri Hall NFP with a strong proposal for a virtual Summer Music Academy.  Once the plan was refined and approved, the Guarneri Hall NFP staff rolled up their sleeves alongside the Summer Music Academy faculty to make the program a reality with limited lead time. The results exceeded all expectations; the 3-week program drew participants from around the US who were guided through an intensive curriculum of practicing, classes covering a range of music-related topics, and master classes with faculty and star guests. The program offered students an unusually large number of contact hours with teachers as well as an unusually favorable instructor-to-student ratio. The results were dramatic: students were inspired by the program and made great strides musically, and the collaborative spirit among the faculty fostered a sense of community that was felt by all the students. 

In the wake of that success, the program has been renamed the Fulton Summer Music Academy with an eye toward its eventual independence from Guarneri Hall NFP. For now, the Fulton Summer Music Academy under Teng’s directorship will continue to operate with Guarneri Hall NFP support, but with an expectation of growing organizational independence as the program grows. 

Guarneri Hall NFP is proud to have hosted the Academy from its inception and we are excited about the future of a program that will be doing incredible work for many years to come.

Read more about the Fulton Summer Music Academy.

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