William Wolfram Goldberg Variations at Guarneri Hall

Hear the Goldberg Variations

Traveling to exciting new destinations can cause us to see our own familiar surroundings with new eyes once we’ve returned home. So it is with J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations: a simple Aria serves as the theme for a journey through a series of 30 variations, some tragic, others dizzyingly brilliant, still others triumphant. When the Aria finally returns to where it began, we find our perceptions have been transformed by the journey.

Since the 16th century, the power of the theme-and-variation form has been employed to great effect by many of our favorite composers, including Beethoven and Schubert, but arguably, no examples of the form have surpassed Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Come and be transformed by William Wolfram’s reading of the Goldberg Variations at 6:30 pm on May 10 in Guarneri Hall. Tickets are available!

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