Ethan Yang GH Junior Affiliate Artist

Violinist Ethan Yang

Sixteen-year-old Ethan Yang’s desire to pursue a career in music started at the age of eight. That year, Ethan and his mother relocated from California to Arizona following his parents’ divorce. Ethan was facing anxiety and depression over the challenges of making new friends at school in a new city when he happened upon a gospel music group performing on TV.  Ethan was intrigued by the beautiful sounds the violinists in the group made. Suddenly, music became a refuge, a way to feel more joyful and relaxed and a source of solace in times of  sadness. Ethan’s passion for the violin was born, and he threw himself into learning to play the instrument with abandon.

By 2016, Ethan’s hard work had begun to pay off; that year, he took first prize in the Phoenix International Young Virtuosos Competition. In 2018, he won first prize in the Chandler Symphony Youth Competition and the Arizona Musicfest Young Musicians Strings Competition. In 2020, Ethan brought home the Grand Prize at the Phoenix Symphony Guild Young Musicians’ Competition.

Ethan frequently fields questions as to whether he really wants to pursue a career in music. His answer is an emphatic yes. “Playing the violin can be laborious and tedious at times but any field can be just as laborious and tedious. I really love playing the violin and playing music in general, and that keeps me going. I will persevere in my dreams so that I am able to stand onstage and share my passion for music with audiences all over the world.” 

Ethan currently studies with Los Angeles violinist and teacher Linda Rose.

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