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Guarneri Hall to Launch

The launch of Guarneri Hall as a new not-for-profit venue for public and live-streamed events in Chicago has been planned for years. The partners and staff of Darnton & Hersh Fine Violins have spearheaded the initiative, and Executive Director Barbara Goff has been working tirelessly with the newly-formed Guarneri Hall Board of Directors toward our first events and beyond.

On August 23, 2018, the culmination of that hard work will finally bear fruit when NEXUS Chamber Music Chicago debuts in Guarneri Hall.

This technologically-advanced performance space is designed with web streaming and archiving of classical music events as a particular focus. All of us on the Guarneri Hall Board and at Darnton & Hersh have high hopes that Guarneri Hall will make a meaningful contribution to the cultural lives of Chicagoans, and to classical music performers, teachers, students, and aficionados literally world-wide.

Heartfelt thanks are due to many for their expertise, help and support: Carl Giegold and Marcus Mayell of Threshold Acoustics have spared no detail in the acoustic design of the space and with their invaluable guidance; Anna Bugaj and Artur Kaczmarek of Bugaj Architects have shouldered the myriad challenges of the development of complex architectural plans for the space; and Michael McKay of M&K Contractors and Jeremy Feigin of Accurate Construction have approached the construction challenges with absolute integrity and consummate skill. Ann Darnton of Darnton & Hersh and Patrick Elward of Chicago Web Management have created this beautiful Guarneri Hall website, which will continue to expand in breadth and functionality as a portal for the many resources Guarneri Hall will offer.

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