Violinist Heidi Murillo

Violinist Heidi Murillo is a student at West Chicago High School and a fellow with CMPI (Chicago Music Pathways Initiative). She plays with the Symphony Orchestra at West Chicago Community High School and with the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Heidi was introduced to the violin at the age of nine through CODA (Community outreach for Developing Artist), a community program of Wheaton College that provides artistic access to underexposed talents who might not otherwise have the opportunity to develop their creative abilities.

Through the CODA program Heidi has studied with Rebecca Weddle,  Christy Reinbach and Lisa Hirschmugl. Heidi has participated in her school orchestra and her school’s mariachi program directed by Janet Sikma. She has been a member of the Naperville Youth Symphony Orchestra and a winner of the ILMEA (Illinois Music Education Association) auditions.

Heidi Murillo plays on a violin by J.E. Carlson, Chicago, courtesy of Darnton & Hersh Fine Violins and Guarneri Hall NFP.