19 Norwegian Folk Songs, Op. 66


In his 19 Norwegian Folk Songs, Op. 66, Edvard Grieg pays affectionate homage to traditional Norwegian music. These gems are among Grieg’s most cherished compositions. Op. 66 was originally written for piano.

  1. Kuluk (Cattle call)
  2. Det er den største Dårlighed (It is the greatest folly)
  3. En Konge hersked i Østerland (A king ruled in the East)
  4. Siri Dale Visen (The song of Siri Dale)
  5. Det var i min Ungdom (It happened in my youth)
  6. Lok og bådnlåt (Call and cradle song)
  7. Bådnlåt (Cradle song)
  8. Lok (Call)
  9. Liten va Guten (It was a little lad)
  10. Morgo ska du få gifta deg (Tomorrow you shall marry)
  11. Det stander to Piger (There stood two girls)
  12. Ranveig
  13. En liten grå Man (A little grey man)
  14. I Ola-dalom, i Ola-Kjønn (In Ola valley, in Ola lake)
  15. Bådnlåt (Cradle song)
  16. Ho vesle Astrid vor (Little Astrid)
  17. Bådnlåt (Cradle song)
  18. Jeg går i tusind Tanker (I wander deep in thought)
  19. Gjendines Bådnlåt (Gjendine’s cradle song)

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