Lulu Suite


In his opera Lulu, Alban Berg applied a serial compositional technique to tell a dark story of a woman’s descent into degradation.

Lulu is one of those works that reveals the extent of its quality the longer and more deeply one immerses oneself in it.

–Theodor Adorno

Master arranger Cliff Colnot has created this 35-minute suite that skillfully abbreviates the original opera but preserves the dark intrigue of Berg’s music.


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Cliff Colnot

Ensemble type

Parts included

SCORE, Bassoon, Cello I, Alto sax, Harp, Horn I, Horn II, Trombone I, Double bass, Trombone II, F Trumpet, Viola I, Viola II, Violin I Bottom, Violin I Top, Violin II Bottom, Violin II Top, Cello II, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Percussion, Piano, Voice

Duration (approx.)

35 minutes

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